Why I Blog

Posted on August 26, 2022 · 3 mins read

I started blogging last year (2021), I think around the start of April. For me, blogging is a chance to really hammer down the skills that I have learnt, the things that I have discovered. It’s a chance to give back to the tech community by sharing my own learning journey as a developer. But it’s also a chance for me to become a better communicator, better at articulating my thoughts and ideas.

You Capable of Making Things

Before I started blogging, I didn’t even know how to make an LED on an Arduino Uno blink, today I am able to make it blink by sending a SMS text message. Yes I am proud of it, I had an idea and I made it happen. I am proud of it because I now know more than I did before I started.

I enjoy tinkering with the Internet of Things, just the idea of how we can merge the physical world with the digital one to build an event driven ecosystem is fascinating.

Passion Led Us Here

So why do I blog? Why do I want to blog about why I blog?

Blogging is a great platform to voice your thoughts/ideas, but sharing your thoughts and ideas for the world to see can sometimes attract unpleasant experiences and that is exactly what I experience recently.

You see, context is important, you can write one thing but somehow it could end up being interpreted in a thousand different ways. I didn’t set out to find a cure for cancer or find a solution for climate change, I was trying to demystify some of the technologies around us by using the things that is right in front me. The focus was on how things work, to show that it’s not magic if we just take a look what’s hidden under the hood.

Unfortunately, there will be some people that will take things at face value. They will laugh and they will think what you do is ridiculous. Yes this happened to me, and it was disheartening. I had to ask myself if all this was a waste of time, but eventually I overcame that imposter syndrome. I realised I do enjoy being a tinkerer and a content creator. The truth is, it doesn’t matter where you are or what you do, there will be some that are haters and gatekeepers, who will prevent you from seeing what is possible, and there will be others who will lift you higher to see beyond the horizon. So if you are reading this and maybe felt a bit of imposter syndrom kicking in, keep going, life is a journey of growth.

Remember Why You Started

As for myself, yes I will continue to blog. While the focus will mostly be about my experience as a developer, I do hope as time goes by, I can make it more about my epxerience as a person.